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LU Xuemei

Group leader

Dr. LU Xuemei is a professor of Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. LU started scientific career since 1997 when she received her Master degree from the South China Agricultural University. After 3-years professional training at the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Evolution, in the Kunming Institute of Zoology in CAS, Dr. LU received her Ph.D. degree in Molecular Evolution in 2001. Dr. LU continued her postdoctoral research in the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species, Zoological Society of San Diego from 2001 to 2002; and in the Department of Ecology and Evolution in the University of Chicago from 2003 to 2005. She was recruited to be an Associate Professor by School of Life Science, Sun Yet-Sen University in 2006 and promoted to Professor in Beijing Institute of Genomics in 2009. Dr. LU’s lab is currently focusing on genomic variations and evolution of complex traits and cancers.



Dr. LU’s lab focuses on evolutionary genomics of complex traits and cancer in human and animal model systems using genomic and population genetic approaches. Our current research interests are in addressing 1) the evolutionary process and diversity within and between cellular populations/tumors, 2) evolution of complex traits and artificial selection in animals, and 3) evolution of gene regulatory in cells and polyploidy animal species by analyzing genomic, epigenomic and transcriptional variations.

Phenotypic evolution is driven by mutation, drift, migration and natural selection. Genetic variation is the basis of phenotypic changes, which affects the phenotypes by altering the regulation of gene expression. Adaptation can happen at various levels, population, organism, or cellular. Based on the identification of genomic variations, we are focusing on understanding the genomic basis and evolution of gene regulation in order to bridge the genotypic variations and phenotypic changes at various levels. Our previous transcriptional analysis sheds light on understanding the genetic basis of gene-gene interaction during speciation and the evolution of evolvability of miRNA regulation in biodiversity. We also work on the evolution of the population of cancerous cells (adaptation at cellular level) with carrying out large-scale sequencing. Cells from within a tumor and from the adjacent normal tissues may be treated as human individuals sampled from all over the world. We are testing the action of selection both within and between tumors by comparing the observations with the null model, in which all clones have the same neutral growth rate. Regardless of whether and how selection influences the genetic diversity, a large amount of neutral diversity, possibly orders of magnitude higher than the "adaptive" diversity, is expected to exist. If the mutations are involved in cellular properties that are selectively advantageous to tumor cell motility, migration, proliferation or drug resistance, they may increase the fitness variation and the likelihood of selective expansion of different subclones within a tumor. The phenotypic changes can mostly be represented by transcriptome profiles. In addition, epigenetic changes can be crucial in cellular but not organismal evolution. Therefore, the selectivity of the genetic and epigenetic divergence within a tumor for cellular fitness, which results in phenotypic variations, will to be examined.


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4.Trace DNA-based next-generation sequencing library construction method. CN103938277A. Zuyu Yang, Kaile Wang, Dafei Wu, Xuemei Lu, Chung-I Wu


Research Grant Support

The Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Major Research Project of Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC),

National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program),

Hundred Talents Program of the CAS,

National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)(Yali Hou),

CAS Youth Innovation Promotion Association(Yali Hou),

The Youth Foundation of National Natural Science (Yali Hou)


Group Members


HOU Yali, PhD, Associate Professor

BAI Xue, Research Associate

LIU Zhenzhen, Research Assistant

Graduate Students:

PhD Candidate:

LI Tao (2013);

LI Yawei (2014);

LUO Yanting (2014);

QI Furong (2015);

Sadaf Ambreen(2015)

YIN Liduo (2016)

Master Candidate:

ZHAO Binbin (2014);

FENG Jing(2015)

DOU Yanliang(2016)

HU Zhenyu(2016)

YAN Kai(2016)