Jiayan Wu


Jilin University, July 2005
Ph.D in Computational Chemistry, with Chia-chung Sun


Research Experience

Postdoc Fellow, August 2005 - September 2006
Emory University, with Joel M. Bowman

Associated Professor, October 2006- current
Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Research Interests

My research interests focus on personal genome, pan-genome and bioinformatics. The primary interest is the precise medical investigation with deeply data mining through genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics results. Pan-genomics analysis has got successful performance in prokaryotic, and tends to expand to other kingdoms in the future. My bioinformatics studies include the development and improvement of bioinformatics algorithms, software and construction of associated databases.


Research Publication

• Meili Chen, Jingfa Xiao, Jingxing Liu, Zhang Zhang, Jiayan Wu*, Jun Yu*, Identification of Human HK Genes and Gene Expression Regulation Study in Cancer from Transcriptomics. PLoS ONE, 8, e54082 (2013).

• Yan Ge*, Jiayan Wu,* Ming Yang, Yingjie Xia, Jingfa Xiao, Jun Yu, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Complex PBP-2x with Drug Cefuroxime to Explore the Drug Resistance Mechanism of Streptococcus suis R61. PLoS ONE, 6, e35941 (2012).

• Yongbing Zhao*, Jiayan Wu*, Junhui Yang, Shixiang Sun, Jingfa Xiao, Jun Yu, PGAP: Pan-Genomes Analysis Pipeline. Bioinformatics, 28, 416-418 (2012).

• Dongyu Zhao*, Jiayan Wu*, Wei Gong, Yuanyuan Zhou, Jing Jin, Jingfa Xiao, Jun Yu, WikiCell: a unified resource platform for human transcriptomics research. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, 16 (6) 357-362 (2012).

• Yan Ge*, Jiayan Wu,* Jingfa Xiao, Jun Yu, Exploration of the binding mode of α/β-type small acid soluble proteins (SASPs) with DNA. Journal of Molecular Modeling, Vol. 17, 3183-3193 (2011).

• Jiayan Wu†, Jingfa Xiao†, Ruosi Zhang, Jun Yu. DNA sequencing leads to genomics progress in China. Science in China, 54, 290-292 (2011).

• Jiang Zhu, Fuhong He, Dapeng Wang, Kan Liu, Dawei Huang, Jingfa Xiao, Jiayan Wu, Songnian Hu, Jun Yu. A Novel Role for Minimal Introns: Routing mRNAs to the Cytosol. PLOS one. 5, e10144 (2010).

• Ewan Birney, Thomas J Hudson, Eric D Green, …, Jiayan Wu, Jun Yu, Prepublication data sharing. Nature, 461(7261), 168-170 (2009)


Teaching experiences

• Genomics, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Autumn 2009, Autumn 2010, Autumn 2011 and Autumn 2012, as Instructor.

• Genomics Practical Technology, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Summer 2009 and Summer 2010, as Instructor.

• Bioinformatics Advanced Process, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Summer 2012, as Instructor.



• Innovative and Stimulative Young Investigator Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010.

• Excellent Doctor Thesis, Jilin Province Education Office, 2006.

• Lindau Excellent Doctor Fellowship, NCFC and DFG, 2005.


Scientific Activities

• Academic Editor, PeerJ.

• Reviewer Editor, Frontiers in Plant Science.

• Ad hoc reviewer, Science in China Life Science, IET Systems Biology, Archives of Insect Biochemistry & Phyiology, International Journal of Bioinformatics, Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology, Genomics Proteomics and Bioinformatics.